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SBF originated from the EU PHARE programme “Private Sector Development in Albania 1992-1998”. This European established and supported organization assisted the SME community by provision of business information, training, promotion and financing through a network of regional business supporting offices and various donor programmes in addition to the EU technical assistance.

SBF was re-organized and re-registered as a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization on the basis of the Tirana Court Decision No. 2377, date 26 July 1999. SBF is also registered at the Tirana Taxation Office identified with NIPT No. K41920010M.

SBF core staff worked in the framework of EU PHARE Programme “Private Sector (SMEs) Development in Albania” implemented during 1993 to 1998. SBF actual staff benefited technical assistance and experience from the following European Consulting Companies: Lancashire Enterprises of Great Britain 1992 – 1993, GITEC of Germany 1994 – 1995, APRI of Italy and TDI of Ireland 1995 – 1997. SBF staff benefited expertise and enhanced competences also from the international organizations such as: UNDP, GTZ, USAID, ILO, OECD, UNIDO, IFC, UNECE, UNWTO, IFC and ICD.

SBF staff, since 1993 and onwards has implemented different projects and programmes to the benefits of the SMEs, business associations and local governments in the framework of donor programmes operating in Albania such as: EU, WB, IFC, UNDP, USAID, SNV, ICD, OSFA, ETF, GTZ, ILO, KOSGEB and EOMMEX, as well as foreign embassies in Tirana.