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In the last years SBF has implemented the following projects financed by different donors:

  • Norwegian Embassy financed Project “ProWomen”  (More)
  • USAID awarded SBF the project entitled “Farm management development skills and knowledge of the rural entrepreneurs in Durresi region”, implemented during June – December 2002
  • Italian Cooperation Department awarded SBF the Integra project “Development of relations between Italian and Albanian business services centers and their business communities”, 2002 – 2004
  • European Training Foundation awarded SBF the project: “Capacity building and support for the SMEs owners and their associations in Albania” 2002 – 2003
  • OSFA Foundation awarded SBF the project entitled: “Entrepreneurial and professional skills and knowledge development for the grape growers and home wine-makers in Albania”, January – December 2003
  • Democracy Commission of the US Government awarded SBF the project: “Promoting good governance for fair and transparent adoption of business enabling systems”, March – December 2004
  • WB through the State Social Services Agency awarded SBF the project entitled “Establishing the Women Development Center in rural area of Tirana”, 2005-2007
  • EU CARDS 2004 awarded SBF the ESREPA project: “Establishing Regional Partnership Forums by Promoting Good Governance principles“, 2005-2006
  • IFC awarded SBF consultancy contracts for the provision of SME assistance in preparation of business projects in plastic recycling industries, 2008
  • IOM awarded SBF the research project ”The increasing impact of remittances for generating productive activities and stimulating LED”, 2007
  • EU/INTERREG IIIA in the framework of Adriatic New Neighbourhood Programme  awarded SBF and its Italian partner FAI (Campobasso Chamber of Commerce, Italy) the PROMITAL project “Promoting cooperation and competitiveness of Albanian and Italian SMEs” 2007-2008 (
  • ILO/IrishAid awarded the SBF the project ”Tackling undeclared work through social dialogue and tripartite partnership in Albania” implemented during 2009-2010
  • EU/CARDS 2006 awarded SBF the PEPSME Project “Promoting environmental performance of the SMEs and regional stakeholders in Albania” 2009-2011 (