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SBF seeks collaboration with domestic and foreign agencies and donors as well as NGOs for formulation and implementation of projects and/or programmes through joint application and/or subcontracting in the following areas:

  • Membership in INSME organisation
  • Delivery of business management training programmes for the Albanian entrepreneurs;
  • Provision of capacity and institutional building programmes for the staff of the state-owned agencies, local governments and business associations;
  • Provision of the counseling and advisory services for the entrepreneurs;
  • Promotion and strengthening of competitiveness and innovation of the Albanian companies;
  • Undertaking studies, surveys, researches on different areas of development;
  • Provision of assistance for establishing business information centers and business innovation centers;
  • Formulation and implementation of local economic strategies;
  • Implementation of SME microcredit and loan projects/ programmes;
  • Establishment of new business support institutions in the country;
  • Promotion of contact among Albanian business community and other foreign business communities.