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Information Services

SBF provides relevant, useful, timely and available information about business legal framework and environment, taxation, customs duties, public procurement, banking services, utility prices, investment promotion law and incentives, export and import procedures. A detailed set of information is as follows:

General market information (demographic data and population structure, natural resources, raw material suppliers, SMEs, farm businesses, main exports and imports, general sectoral and geographical markets);
Specific market information (existing local products and services, retail and wholesale prices, actual raw material prices, suppliers of man raw materials and machinery, amount of imported goods, size of sectoral markets – cities, districts, regions, consumption per head/family, evaluation of actual demand);
Main economic indicators: GDP, inflation, trade balance, unemployment, main import and export goods;
Business enabling systems in Albania (accounting, taxation, customs, procurement, banking);
Business registration procedures (natural persons and legal entities, documents required for registration, necessary permits);
Lending and banking services (microloans and loans, lending criteria and standards);
New technology and machinery market identification.

Counselling Services

Counselling services are provided on individual bases within main SBF counselling areas of expertise to achieve company and institution organizational purposes and objectives:

Solving management and business problems
Identifying and seizing new opportunities
Enhancing learning
Implementing changes


SBF main expertise in the area of consultancy is as follow:

Provision of assistance for loan application preparation
Provision of assistance for business plan preparation
Identification of production machinery and promotion of technology transfer
Provision of counselling on materials’ supplies sources and sales markets
Provision of counselling on marketing policies and strategies
Provision of counselling on financial and accounting issues
Provision of counselling on investment opportunities
Provision of counselling service son environment performance improvement
Provision of energy efficiency performance improvement
Provision of counselling on business taxation and customs systems
Provision of counselling on legal environment system
Counselling on business management and leadership
Counselling on business barriers and risks
Counselling on local development strategy formulation and implementation
Counselling on gender mainstreaming in policy development

Training services
SBF staff in close cooperation with its outsourced experts is fully prepared to provide the following training modules to the interested groups of people and organizations:

Delivery of the entrepreneurship management and managerial skills development
Delivery of capacity and institutional building programs for the SMEs and business associations – SBF and GTZ modules
Delivery of capacity building and institutional building programmes for local governments and business service centres – SBF and OECD and ILO modules
Strategic planning for companies and business associations – IFC module
Development of managerial and leadership skills for SMEs owners and managers – SBF and UNIDO modules
Development of business marketing and selling skills – UNDP module
Provision of training on business financial issues and accounting system – SBF module
Business project development for the business companies – SBF module
Provision of training courses on business taxation and customs systems – SBF module
Loan management training course – EBRD and IFC modules
Delivery of training events on public procurement for the SMEs – SBF module
Provision of training courses on local economic development formulation and implementation – ILO module
Training course on International Labour Standards and productivity improvement – ILO module
Provision of training courses on gender issues and mainstreaming – ILO module
Provision of training on project cycle management – SBF module
Provision of training on vineyard construction and management and wine-making plant management – IFC and SBF module