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Provide comprehensive professional support and promotion for creation and development of SMEs and their public and private supporting organizations.


Develop entrepreneurial and managerial skills and knowledge of entrepreneurs;
Provide capacity and institutional building programmes for the professional business associations;
Provide capacity building and institutional building programmes for the SMEs supporting public and private organizations such as: specialized governmental agencies, local governments, chambers of commerce, business service centers;
Promote regional and local economic development through coordination and cooperation with local SME support institutions and local governments;
Establish new business support organizations and associations;
Provide technical and professional assistance and services for the urban and rural SMEs and their associations such as: information, counseling, training, financing and promotion;
Implement projects of domestic and donor organizations interested for the development of SME sector;
Provide assistance for implementation of financial support programmes for SMEs: microloans, loans, leasing, loan guarantee schemes;
Undertake market surveys, researches and studies on SMEs issues and local governments development strategies;