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General Information “Updated in July 2017”
Small Business Foundation (SBF) is a nonprofit organization re-established in 1999, after the termination of the EU programme “Private Sector Development in Albania” which lasted from 1992 to 1998. The founding members of SBF contributed to the EU Phare within the following programme objectives:

  • Facilitate SMEs start ups, their survival and growth
  • Generate quality investment opportunities
  • Strengthen the capacity of banks to lend to SMEs
  • Develop professional business advice, counseling and training services
  • Develop central and local governments policies and strategies for SMEs
  • Attract other donors to support the development of SMEs sector

Actually, SBF provides the following core services to the SMEs community and related public and private supporting organizations:

General business-related information
Training services and capacity building events
Counseling services and related institutional building activities
Promotion services and promotional campaigns
Studies and researches related to the SME development and their supporting public and private institutions and organizations.